Pilates results before and after - how long does it take to see a difference

Pilates is famous for its famous quote from Joseph Pilates: " In 10 hours you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a new body ". 30 lessons represent about 3 months of practice for 3 hours a week. The classic Pilates method includes more than 500 different exercises, which have their own variations depending on the equipment they are used with.

On the Internet today, we can find dozens of transformative stories about how Pilates or Pilates Reformer exercises contribute to a better figure. To add something from our background, we asked local Pilates studios about their experiences.

Pilates is most often practiced on a mat, where various Pilates aids can also appear. An extension of the exercise on the mat is the exercise on the Pilates machine - Reformer, which was originally designed by the author of the method himself. When exercising on the machine, you can see results even faster thanks to the unique spring system that changes the amount of resistance during exercise.

In general, defined abdominal muscles and body lengthening can be observed after 3 months of regular exercise. Posture often improves, with more space between the head and shoulders. Although the transformation may not be immediately dramatic, the overall effect is certainly remarkable.


DO-Pilates - Denisa Owen

Demonstration of change in flexibility after working out on machines with a group of girls. Photos are at the beginning and end of the lesson.

pilates results


Pilates4u - Lucia Knapcová

Inspiring examples of working with multiple clients.

pilates results before after



pilates result


BEactive - Lenka Bakošová

Photos taken before and after the one-hour individual lesson.On postures from the side, a yellow line "imaginary line" is always drawn from the ear area, so that the tilt of the person can be seen. In the photo of the work with the lower limb, there is the imaginary plumb line from the second toe (the aligned axis of the lower limb runs approximately along the line, the middle of the knee and the 2nd toe)

pilates results_1


FLOW pilates centrum - PaedDr. Adriana Bíreš

A real and proven result of PILATES and Physio movement therapy.

"By combining PILATES and PHYSIOTHERAPY and the fact that movement therapy brings positive effects, our client also became convinced. What is her story? She visited us with acute pain in the cervical spine with shooting pain in her right arm. MRI showed a disc protrusion in the cervical spine with pressure on the nerve On a scale of pain from 0 to 10, the client clearly expressed 10!.

At the 8-week follow-up, we were pleased to see a reduction in pain to 2, improved range of motion in the cervical spine, and a noticeable reduction in the herniated disc.

The client continues with exercise therapy.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) photos of a client with a bulging intervertebral disc in the cervical spine."

FLOW PILATES CENTER, PaedDr. Adriana Bíreš

pilates vysledok chrbat veľkej veľkosti


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