Flexity at the FIBO 2024 fair - the largest fitness expo in the world

FIBO, the world's largest fitness exhibition, has been a fixture in the industry for nearly 40 years. FIBO Cologne 2024, held at the Cologne Fair in Germany, welcomed thousands of exhibitors, sellers, distributors and buyers from around the world. The event serves as a hub for fitness, wellness, nutrition and healthcare worldwide, offering a comprehensive showcase of the latest products, innovations and trends.

What you had the opportunity to experience at FIBO:

  • Expo: The Expo showcased the latest products and innovations in 10 halls and showcased a wide range of wellness, beauty, fitness and Pilates equipment, including rehabilitation equipment and services.
  • Education: FIBO offered educational sessions led by industry experts, innovators and scientists providing insight into best practices and new trends in fitness, nutrition and wellness.
  • Experiences: Participants engaged in unforgettable experiences and challenges, including virtual fitness classes, meditation sessions and wellness activities.

FIBO 2024 highlighted several notable trends shaping the future of the industry:

Personalized Nutrition: Companies have demonstrated DNA-based personalized nutrition plans, supplements and diets tailored to individual genetic predispositions, lifestyle and fitness goals.

Fitness Equipment Innovations: The Expo showcased breakthrough improvements in fitness equipment that include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze user performance, provide real-time feedback and adjust exercise parameters.

Digital Health Solutions: Exhibitors showcased a number of digital innovations aimed at managing and optimizing health and wellness, including mobile apps, online platforms and holistic health monitoring systems.

Wellness Tourism: The event highlighted the growing trend of wellness tourism and retreats with luxury spa resorts and eco-friendly retreats designed to promote relaxation and well-being.

Education and Workshops: FIBO offered a diverse range of workshops, seminars and certification programs covering a variety of topics such as fitness training, nutrition, mindfulness and business development.

Sustainability: Exhibitors showcased sustainable fitness apparel, energy-efficient gym equipment, and eco-friendly health and wellness practices, promoting renewable energy and waste reduction strategies.

By promoting networking opportunities and collaboration, FIBO 2024 provided a dynamic platform for professionals, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to connect and exchange ideas.

See what we had the opportunity to experience with our own eyes: