How to buy Pilates machines?

  1. How does the market for Pilates machines work?

    • By default, all brands keep a certain limited number of machines in stock in Europe. Elina - Spain, Merrithew - Holland, Align Pilates - UK/Germany. Stocks vary a lot during the year and the given machine may not be available again from day to day, as there are not enough machines on the market and the rule is that " first payer gets ".
    • If the given machine is in stock, the standard delivery time is 2 weeks from payment. If you need to make a decision longer, we can always check the availability for the given day and the maximum delivery time is 3 months (Align Pilates 1-2 months). Ideally, we therefore recommend planning your purchase further in advance.
    • Brands usually offer 2 "basic" colors of the cover - black and gray. Subsequently, each has its own palette of colors, they are ordered to order and the delivery time is approximately 3 months.
    • In case of a longer decision, it is always possible to reserve the machine with a deposit of 20%, as well as in the case of ordering a non-standard color. After payment of such a deposit and inclusion in production, the deposit is non-refundable.
    • Why pay for a reservation? As mentioned due to the low number of machines in Europe. Reserving the machine without payment is unfortunately not possible.
  2. How to choose machines?

    • If you are choosing equipment other than a reformer, you can also narrow your selection via the search engine and enter phrases such as "chair", "barrel" and so on. 

    • If you would like a visual overview, we will be happy to send you catalogs and presentations of individual brands.
    • We are constantly adding to our offer, so if you can't find a certain product, don't hesitate to write to us.
  3. What is the price for shipping?

    • The price is calculated for each order based on the frequently changing situation in European transport. The price may vary slightly from month to month and it is always necessary to make a new calculation.
    • The price range ranges from about 90 EUR for smaller items to about 350 EUR for large machines. For the Merrithew brand, the shipping price may be slightly higher.
  4. Do you need to calculate the return or help with a business plan?

    • As part of the consultancy, we also offer help with calculating the return on investment and designing the space using an online visualization tool. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice, we try to offer comprehensive advice.
    • Thanks to our market overview and experience from abroad, you will get quality insights, whether for a home or professional Pilates studio.