About us - Founders

We are delighted that you want to join us in discovering your potential for movement, pushing your own borders, all in high-quality and comfortable clothing or at the highest quality yogamat designed specifically for you. In yoga, it is extremely important that you feel good. You then enjoy more intense exercise, feel the beauty of movement and more easily overcome your limits.

Who we are?

We are a family business. We are positive minded and we like movement. The idea of bringing quality organic yoga clothes to Slovakia emerged for quite a prosaic reason. When we have started practicing yoga and we had a problem in the Slovak market to find quality and stylish clothes specially designed for yoga. We have also noticed that many yoga enthusiasts practice in various kinds of sports clothing that do not reflect your uniqueness and yoga exercise needs. We have therefore decided to find suppliers that meet all our ideas, bringing not only their products but also their philosophy. We also want to pay attention to the idea of reducing the waste around us, the use of ecological substances and materials, and the perception of the nature that surrounds us.



“Do the work you love and you never work again” is the motto that explains why I am writing these sentences now. I believe in intuition, I believe that some things are not accidental, I believe that what we do often has a higher meaning. But now from the beginning. I grew up in films with Steve Segal and Chuck Norris since I was a kid. No, I was not an athletic type, I tried different sports, but I couldn't stand it. Switching to public school from catholic one was an experience and so-called "school of the street". The shy boy who loved to study was missing the sharper elbows in his desk. The idea has come - try to go to Karate. It didn't take a year and suddenly the victim became a friend in the game. Although they didn't know what I knew, and I didn't know much, karate movies did theirs and I was a boy who didn't need to be embarked on. For the sake of self-defense, Karate exercises in our Dokan school, where I practice until now, have become the path of personal development. From Karate it was not close to Zen. I was lucky enough to come across great teachers under which I have been practicing since high school so far. Karate was about the development of body and spirit at the same time, I realized that by training all parts of the body, one discovers what one can do and movement becomes fascinating. Suddenly I was more interested in all sports because I felt like they were going on their own, and I wasn't able to kick the ball once. Jiu Jitsu joined the karate in our school and I went back to the ground, literally :) When I finished school and was happy with life a person entered my life who changed him forever and gave him new meaning. I met my future wife and I already knew that it would be something more. So it was, and less than two years later, I asked her to marry her. Before, however, I managed to drag her to latino, where the ordinary couple became a dancing couple in the rhythms of salsa and bachata. Lenka in turn dragged me to yoga. Since then we have started to walk regularly, support each other when laziness tried, snoop in asanas (test stability) and finally enjoy hand-in-hand savasana. To make matters worse, we moved to the heights, specifically on my toes during my acro yoga lessons. It was at one of the outdoor yoga class that the idea of ​​opening your own eshop and linking your digital agency experience and love of exercise into one. Here is the result that we will develop further.




I find it difficult to write these lines, as I am not the type who likes to draw attention and write or talk about myself is not entirely natural to me. I prefer to listen to the ordinary stories of extraordinary people around me (I am convinced that each one of us could write a whole book about their experiences) and I am always surprised at how varied life can be and what it teaches us.

I have always tended to deeper topics since I was young, and I enjoyed listening to older people's experiences of life. Something like a little baby in an elephant dress with an old soul inside. I'm a person who needs to go deep and not on the surface, but I can laugh with you on a complete trash. Life doesn't need to be taken too seriously ... I have always been fascinated by history, I think it is a lot to learn, learn and realize that some things, opinions, prejudices have been dwelling in people since Homo sapiens started walking on earth and that are repeated in cycles.

When I really do something, I go hard to it and I can sacrifice a lot. I am very emotional and I have long been interested in expressing and working with my emotions correctly and soundly. That is why I became interested in the EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique method and if you would like to know more or are interested in this method, I would be very happy to write to you.

The thing that certainly shaped my personality to a large extent and contributed to what I was traveling, studying and working abroad today. Surely I don't have to tell you that in many things it will open your eyes and suddenly the world around you and you will start to perceive yourself in a different way.

Since I felt at high school that we were living in a hectic time, and we often add ourselves to the hectic, I was looking for something that could ground me and help balance. I wanted to try yoga, but I thought it was something very difficult, complicated and that I could manage an yoga class only as a child. After all, I gave it a chance, and don't worry about other asanas (especially Shavasana: P). Yoga is great in showing you that, even if you find your limits, by inhalation, you may be able to move a little further each other and make a position that you wouldn't have reached a month ago. I had to share this amazing exercise and meditation in one (for someone the whole philosophy of life) with my closest person for whom I thank every day for being - Tomas :) When Tomas after that yoga class drew the idea of ​​setting up an e-shop I was definitely in favor. For me, this project is a combination of the joy of "making others happy" and a new challenge in almost all areas. Judge for yourself.




Since childhood I was in sports, whether I played football in front of the house, or we went skiing or skating in winter, I always liked physical activities. I go to the gym regularly and I have only recently accessed yoga. Some positions seemed to me much more difficult than it would seem at first glance. I have found the importance of breathing and working with my own body. Since I have a sedentary job I have found that I often have a bad posture and I try to remedy this by practicing yoga. Yoga represents relaxation and rest from normal work stress for me.

Already in high school I was interested in personal development topics. I got to some books that broadened my horizons and inspired me to search further. Over time, I have found that this quest is essentially a never-ending process, because by understanding one thing, we are opening more doors and more topics in our lives to study. I am a big supporter of self-knowledge, so I started informal education in commodity trading on the stock market, which I have been doing so far. At the same time, I have been caught up in various forms of business, and now I am satisfied that I can realize and contribute to the Flexity project.