Merrithew® Pilates

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Merrithew® is a leading global provider of Pilates and fitness equipment.

The history of the Merrithew® brand dates back to 1988 when Lindsay and Moira Merrithew founded their first Pilates studio. Their passion for health, movement, and quality of life led them to develop unique fitness equipment that is now known and loved worldwide.

The products are designed to provide the highest quality, functionality, and comfort for our customers. Utilizing the latest technologies and thorough research, they have developed diverse fitness equipment that improves strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

The benefits of using our equipment go beyond the physical. Pilates and fitness training on our products contribute to better posture, increased energy, stress reduction, and overall well-being. They are ideal for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, rehabilitation centers, and anyone interested in a healthy and active lifestyle.

The equipment is easy to use and adaptable to various fitness levels and abilities. Designed with an emphasis on comfort and safety, they provide users with an optimal training experience.

In the portfolio, you will find a wide selection of popular products, including the Merrithew® V2 Max™ Reformer, Stability Chair™, Cadillac/Trapeze Table, and many others. These products have gained trust and recognition from professionals and Pilates and fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

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